How to shoot a ‘Two-State’ Wedding. Things that you should aware of while Photographing a Two-State’ Wedding.


A two-state wedding brings together the rich traditions, vibrant cultures, and diverse celebrations of two different regions into one grand event. As a wedding photographer, capturing the essence of such a wedding requires careful planning, flexibility, and an understanding of the unique challenges involved. In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of shooting a two-state wedding and highlight how Make Me Click Wedding Photography expertly manages this multifaceted task.

Pre-Wedding Research:

Before the festivities begin, Make Me Click invests time in researching and understanding the customs, rituals, and traditions of both states. This allows them to capture the key moments and elements that are significant to each culture, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the wedding.

Communication and Coordination:

Effective communication is paramount when dealing with a two-state wedding. Make Me Click collaborates closely with the couple, their families, and wedding planners to stay updated on the schedule, logistics, and any unique aspects of the event. This ensures that no significant moment is missed and that the photography seamlessly aligns with the flow of the ceremonies.

Adapting to Regional Traditions:

Each state has its distinct wedding customs and traditions. Make Me Click embraces this diversity and works closely with the couple to understand their expectations and preferences. By blending their artistic style with regional influences, they capture the essence of both states, resulting in a harmonious representation of the couple’s cultural heritage.

Timing and Travel Logistics:

Shooting a two-state wedding often involves traveling between locations. Make Me Click meticulously plans the travel itinerary, accounting for traffic, weather conditions, and potential delays. This ensures that they arrive well in advance, allowing ample time to set up equipment and familiarize themselves with the venue.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Two-state weddings can have intricate schedules and multiple ceremonies. Make Me Click understands the importance of being flexible and adaptable, as plans may change or unforeseen situations may arise. They are prepared to adjust their photography approach and seamlessly capture the evolving moments, ensuring a stress-free experience for the couple.

Expert Team and Equipment:

Make Me Click is equipped with a team of skilled photographers who are experienced in shooting diverse weddings. They possess a thorough knowledge of different lighting conditions, traditional rituals, and cultural nuances, allowing them to capture stunning images that reflect the grandeur of the event.

A two-state wedding is an amalgamation of traditions, attire, and customs from two distinct regions. Make Me Click celebrates this diversity and captures the fusion of cultures with sensitivity and respect. They aim to tell a cohesive story that showcases the unique blend of traditions, creating a visual narrative that truly reflects the couple’s journey.

Make Me Click’s commitment to excellence extends to their post-production process. They meticulously select and edit the photographs, ensuring that the final collection is a blend of candid moments, traditional rituals, and artistic compositions. The result is a stunning portfolio that encapsulates the magic and beauty of the two-state wedding. Shooting a two-state wedding requires careful planning, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to adapt to changing scenarios. Make Me Click Wedding Photography excels in managing the complexities of these weddings, creating a seamless experience for the couple. Their dedication to capturing the unique aspects of each state’s traditions while highlighting the fusion of cultures ensures that every moment is immortalized in breathtaking photographs. Trust Make Me Click to skillfully document your two-state wedding, preserving the memories of your

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